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The powerful effect of super berries


A lot of my diet choices are influenced by scientific studies on the powerful properties of certain foods. I like to see cold, hard evidence on health benefits, not just that it’s the latest hype! Lately I’ve been reading a lot about the benefits of berries and always grab a punnet of tasty little morsels at the supermarket. Finding a high quality berry blend superfood

Bee pollen superfood

bee pollen superfood

Can you imagine if you found a food that provided you with nearly all of your nutritional requirements? Well bee pollen could be just that! It’s even been classed as a superfood because of its impressive health-boosting properties! Lately I’ve had a focus on foods that can be used functionally or even medicinally, to greatly improve energy levels, immunity and in turn quality of life…

The truth behind the cacao craze


Some superfoods get much more time in the limelight than others. They just do. Cacao is certainly guilty of those attributes, taking the main stage and refusing to leave! In the 1700’s it was dubbed Food of the Gods by a Professor Carl Linnaeus, whose works are still recognised in…

Boost your winter immunity with Manuka Honey Superfood

manuka honey superfood


Making it through the colder months, dodging as many flus as possible is something we all try to achieve. However, as the thermometer begins to drop it can be easy to forget about preparing for the winter season ahead.  I always knew that honey was great for boosting immunity, but had no idea that not all honeys are made equal…

Hemp Protein – Nature’s Healthiest Vegan Protein Source

hemp protein

Are you searching for a new plant based protein powder but overwhelmed by all the options? You might have noticed plant based proteins are becoming increasingly popular, with many health gurus making the big switch. Like many of us, you’re probably…

Cacao Vs Cocoa

cacao vs cocoa

For many of us chocolate is a mouth-watering treat that gets our feel good hormones pumping and is an almost instant mood booster. But for those that have health goals in mind, there can be a vast difference in the type of chocolate you choose to indulge in. “Chocolate is bad for you” and other myths have been around since the dawn of time, but I’m here to tell you…