The power of the period

Broken Head

Bold statement I know, but biologically and evolutionarily it’s true. Testosterone levels are at
their highest when you’re menstruating, given there is more biologically active testosterone available during exercise. So pretty much during this period (no pun intended) you are closer to being a man than ever before…

Why a vegetarian diet is abundant in calcium- without that glass of milk

Vegetarian diet

This isn’t an article about how ethically wrong it is to drink cow’s milk, it’s an article about when I freaked out yesterday morning, that perhaps I wasn’t meeting my calcium needs on a vegetarian diet. So I started frantically writing down the  staple foods I ate each day (while my coffee went cold). Sadly, many of us have grown up to believe we have to drink a glass of milk a day, in order to sufficiently meet…

Why I’ve switched to vegan protein

switch to vegan protein

In avoiding my use of a WPI protein, I wanted to make sure I was going to find a non-dairy substitute that was fairly fast absorbing, and also provided a strong nutritional content and amino acid profile. You’ll never find me describing the rice/pea combo protein as earthy. It is simply revolting and you’ll likely struggle to down a glass…

One food additive you need to avoid

additives and preservatives

“Time and time again, reports have been made on disturbing behaviour such as head banging and absolute rages in young children. Unfortunately, links would be very rarely made between that behaviour, and the food they are given each day. Instead, they are likely to be sent to a child psychologist and prescribed some heavy medication…”

The complexity of nutrition

surf paddle

“If the health world was a chess game, those claiming to be experts, seem to sit pretty as Kings and Queens, making others feel guilty when it comes to their food choices, while the laymen remain squirming little pawns, preferring to tune into TV advertisements promising quick health fixes, than to focus on their game plan…”

Eastern v Western Medicine

natural medicine

The human body forever captivates me in all of its beauty to carry out its millions of functions, each and every day that you venture around this earth. It baffles me the commitment that the body has to keep someone ticking over, even when they completely abandon their health…

Better choices of probiotics


A completely healthy guy that gave up sugar but wanted to run quite a ridiculous medical experiment to prove to others just how bad sugar is for your health. He went from no sugar in his diet to consuming the average Australian intake of a whopping 40 teaspoons a day. The aspect of the experiment that captivated me was…

womens surfing
Understanding carbs
Do you want to surf for longer periods especially when you have back to back consistent swell? Whichever your needs and goals are, it’s important to understand the pivotal role that carbohydrates play within the body…(read more)

healthy living
Every bite counts
This past week I’ve had an almost endless supply of energy where I’ve been able to wake at 5am every morning ready for a surf, a run, yoga or workout session before work. That energy just keeps coming as the day goes on and I’m able to commit another couple of hours…(read more)

healthy living
Daily habits
The way in which you move about your day today is an accumulation of previous habits formed over time. Routine used to be the root of all evil for me as I had continual desires to be in a different country every few months, experiencing different cultures and riding different styles of waves…(read more)

Creatine for improved surfing
Creatine is one of the top selling workout supplements on the market today and it’s one that I’ve only personally discovered in recent times. I find it to be a highly efficient addition to my training regime…(read more)

kombucha benefits
Brew your own kombucha
Finally much knowledge from the ancient East has swept to the West and in particular the view that many diseases begin in the gut. You need a fine balance of good and bad bacteria to support the production and absorption of nutrients throughout the body, to have good digestion and strong immunity…(read more)

The wonders of burdock root

burdock root tea

After a bad blood infection and reoccurring large and painful boils on my legs while on an extended trip in remote Mentawai Islands, I decided to look into having a tonic made up from a naturopath that focused on purifying…

The Importance of BYO skincare products when travelling remotely

wild spirit freedom

A few years ago I never used to care for what I was putting on my skin, in my hair or brushing my teeth with until I dated a highly passionate vegan. I hadn’t even heard of the concept of chemical beauty products, all that mattered was…

Homemade Beeswax Hair

Product & Lip Balm

natural beauty

About three years ago I came across a great recipe for a natural alternative to commercial hair product of the wax & pomade kind. It’s been great for travelling as I don’t have to try and find some strange branded hair product in a foreign country packed full of chemicals that…

El Naturale Teeth Whitener


This little at home teeth whitening trick is relatively new to me but I’m pretty happy with the results. I’ve been using this method for about two months and have noticed an improvement in the whiteness of my teeth (I do love my coffee) and the general smooth…

Mint & gum alternatives- why I’m sucking on cloves


For as long as I can remember I’ve always made sure I’m not the girl with the bad breath and have always chewed gum or mints-most especially after drinking coffee as I’m not a big fan of the after taste nor coffee breath. Fresh breath, sugar-free, healthy gums…

On-The-Go natural hand sanitiser – an alternative to chemical sanitisers

antibacterial soaps

It seems in recent years the market has been flooded with pocket-size hand sanitisers. Big sanitiser pump bottles can also be found in businesses such as banks and retail outlets at the front counter. I remember growing up I only ever saw this in places that made sense to have them, such as pet stores, hospitals and kindergartens. As with most things in life…